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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lights in Lapland

Lapland’s biggest attraction

One of the elements which provides a year-round draw to Lapland is simply its natural light. It is unique. It is breathtaking. And the best of all, it is completely free to enjoy. At whatever part of the year you choose to travel to Lapland, you will witness natural phenomena which will provide a lasting memory. It is a haven with photographic opportunities, both for amateurs and professionals. There where the sun never sets in the summertime, the northern lights color the dark winter evenings. Lapland, a land of extremes. Extremely beautiful.

At this time of the year, in the summer, above the polar circle, the sun doesn’t set. The earth’s axis positions the North Pole towards the sun, which is called the northern summer solstice. This means 24-hour daylight and a great many opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts who want to stay out late. No flashlights needed! Midsummer (around the 21st of June) marks the start of a period with midnight sun and is traditionally celebrated with festivities throughout Lapland. 

Midnight sun near Bodø, Norway

No sunset in the summer, but an endless sunset in December, when the sun does not rise above the horizon. This causes a special effect of a warm, pinkish glow on the white snow, which is also known as ‘Kaamos’.

Kaamos light over Finnish Lapland

From September to April the Aurora Borealis makes its entry in the night sky. The Aurora is a spectacle of dancing green lights, an explosion of colors and motion. It is caused by solar eruptions that launch large quantities of energetically charged particles into space. As these particles approach the Earth, they are pulled in by the magnetic field, and drawn towards the magnetic poles. In the upper layers of the atmosphere - 50 to 65 miles above the Earth - the charged particles collide with oxygen and nitrogen atoms, and release their energy. A powerful natural process causing the magical northern lights.  

Northern lights in Abisko area, Sweden
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